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The United States as an Empire

             Democratic societies are able to assume the duties and powers of "empire" and remain democratic. There is great debate whether or not this Idea is actually a possibility; rather the United States of America is an example of such a society.
             Am empire is defined as an extensive group of land or countries under a single supreme authority, a supreme dominion, or a large commercial organization owned by one person or group. History has demonstrated that Rome is a definite proprietor of the "empire" title. What did Rome accomplish over its longevity to earn this title? Rome had a single person, an emperor, or whatever distinguished name deemed necessary, who was entrusted with execution of laws, the management of revenue, and also in command of a great army. The authority of the senate and the consent of the soldiers, which made up Rome's awesome military force, elected the emperor. Rome's army over its many victories led by its great generals was also something which other societies did not have the luxury of. Rome constantly sought to expand its empire. What is now Germany and Asia were among the few lands that were not under Roman rule.
             Rome also established a senate. This senate was chosen from among the people and was to represent the people of Rome. Ultimately, the senate had all the power to do anything and everything from deciding whom they went to war with to what laws were to be passed and enforce. The senate also decided and ultimately had final word on who was to be emperor.
             Now in the year 2003, every American citizen whom have lived on United States soil all of his or her lives have only known democracy. (A state I which qualified citizens vote at regular intervals to choose, among alternative candidates, the people who will be in charge of setting the state's policies. ) They have known the United States of America (empire) it is a country made up of 50 states, all having senators.

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