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Leading Developments of the Modern American Empire

            The Modern American Empire was not an easy task to develop; it was accomplished through leaders taking prominent influence in expanding communication, trade, and territory to further develop our Nation. It took a journey though the annexation of Hawaii, Alaska, and the victory of the Spanish- American War. American influence dating back to the mid 1800's, when William Seward succeeded in acquiring the Alaskan state from Russia claiming it a part of America, started the rise to become a modern American empire (Purchase of Alaska). While practically doubling the land with the purchase of Alaska the United States it also started a revolutionary period that furthered the development of communication and transportation; thus causing the production rates to massively be exceeded (Purchase of Alaska). Seward also tried to obtain influence further east and increase exchange opportunities as well as spreading the Christian religion into Asia (Purchase of Alaska). Reestablishing an old treaty (Treaty of Tianjin of 1858) a new treaty was formed renamed Burlingame-Seward Treaty which offered "U.S. trade interests with China under the principle of the most-favored-nation concept, and it ensured a steady flow of low-cost Chinese immigrant labor for U.S. firms" with that being established "American industrial leaders initially celebrated the Treaty as a major advancement for American commercial interests" (Burlingame-Seward Treaty). This arrangement with the United States angered Chinese which lead to the revision of the Burlingame-Seward Treaty along with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 resulting in it the retraction of the treaties free immigration clause (Burlingame-Seward Treaty).
             The annexation of Hawaii could be considered an extensive struggle for the United States (Wynell & Charles E. Schamel, 1999). In the year 1778 a European explorer named John Cook embarked on the Island of Hawaii bringing in the influence of European and American traditions; soon causing disruption, with the influence of weapons, among the natives (Wynell et al.

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